11th english public exam answer key 2022

Public Exam 2022 for 11th standard students started on 10 and today is the english examination.Morethan Eight laksh students write the 11th english public exam 2022.The Tamilnadu government and educational ministry never release an exam model question paper and answer. But 11th standard public exam model question paper 2022 are available in our website. Lots of students very much eager to view the answer key to verify the answers.To help those students we arranged a group of teachers to prepare 11th english public exam answer key.And they are here to prepare public exam may 2022 answer as quick as possible.

Tamilnadu 11th Std English Final Exam Answer key

We provide original scanned question paper and answer key quickly. We relase the pdf version of public exam answerkey for all classes and all subjects.If you are looking for the tentative answer key this is the right place


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Language – Part II- English
Time Allowed: 3.00 Hours ]
| Maximum Marks : 90


Answer all the questions. 20×1=20

Choose the appropriate synonyms of the underlined ords in the following sentences.

1. We treated it like the fables of the prophets she used to tell us.

(a) hymns
(b) songs
(c) storeys

Answer:- (d)stories

2. The coaches lauded me.

(a) appreciated
(b) gifted

(c) garlanded
(d) rebuked

Answer:- (a) appreciated

3. The toilers did not enjoy this privilege.

(a) kings.
(b) bosses
(c) leaders
(d) workers

Answer:- (d) workers

Choose the appropriate antonyms for the underlined words in the following


4.Grandmother was always in spotless white..

(a) pure
(b) pointless
(c) dirty

(d) creased

Answer:- (c) dirty

5. The staff looked so unsympathetic…..

(a) credible
(c) dutiful
(d) sympathetic

Answer:- (d) sympathetic

6.It requires individual responsibility.

(a) classical
(b) personal

Answer:- (c)collective

7. Form a new word by adding a suitable prefix to the base word ‘tidy’.

(a) ir
(b) in
(c) dis
(d) un

Answer:- (d) un

8.Choose the correct expansion of the abbreviation ‘CAT’.

(a) Career and Aptitude Test
(b) Competitive Aptitude Test
(c) Capital Aptitude Test

(d) Central Law and Aptitude Test

Answer:- (a) Career and Aptitude Test

9.Choose the appropriate idiomatic expression for the underlined phrase. The two players were in the two opposite angles of the boxing ring, resting between rounds.

(a) in our corner
(b) gift of the gab
(c)square off
(d) turning over a new leaf

Answer:- (c)square off

10.Fill in the blanks with the suitable phrasal verb.
The rebellion was…………. by the officers.

(a) put off
(b) put on
(c) put down
(d) put up

Answer:- (c) put down

12.Choose the word from the options given below to form a compound word with “bee”.

(a) piece
(b) lash
(c) gate
(d) hive

Answer:- (d) hive

13.Choose the right definition for the word, “Neurologist“.

(a) one who treats stomach disorders
(b) one who treats lung problems
(c) one who treats disorders of the nervous system
(d)one who treats vision problems

Answer:- (c) one who treats disorders of the nervous system

13. Form a derivative for the underlined word..
Mom told me to arrange the table..

(a) ful ness
(b) ment
(c) ity
(d) ness

Answer:- (b) ment

14.Fill in the blanks with appropriate “ism” word. Ravi had the habit of being absent at work. He is known for his………..

(a) absenteeism
(b) patriotism
(c) heroism
(d) criticism

Answer:- (a) absenteeism

15.Fill in the blanks with the suitable modal verb.
Students………………… submit their note books tomorrow without fail.

(a) must
(d) might
(b) can

Answer:- (a) must

16.Fill in the blanks with a suitable Preposition.
I saw the cat sitting………..the table.

(a) on
(b) in
(c) of

Answer:- (a) on

17.Choose the appropriate question tag for the following sentence.?
Sita is a teacher……………

(a)wasn’t she
(b) is she
(c) did she
(d) isn’t she

Answer:- (d) isn’t she

18.Fill in the blanks with the correct tense form.
If I……. a pilot, I would fly high.

(a) am
b) was
(c) had been
(d) were

Answer:- (d) were

19.Fill in the blanks with a suitable determiner.
………………….of my friends called me yesterday.

(a) Third
(b) Any
(c) Little
(d) Many

Answer:- (d) Many

20. Fill in the blanks with the suitable phrase.
………………heavy rain, the match was cancelled.

(a) Due to
(b) In spite of
(d) In case of
(c) Despite

Answer:- (a) Due to


Answer any four of the following. Read the sets of poetic lines given and answer the questions that follow. 4×2=8

21 “Most of all, I want to relearn
How to laugh, for my laugh in the mirror Shows only my teeth like a snake’s bare fangs!”
(a) Why does the poet want to relearn how to laugh ?

Answer:- (a) The poet wants to get rid of falseness in his behaviour. So he wants to relearn how to behave in a natural way.

(b) Mention the figure of speech used here.

Answer:- (b) The figure of speech used here is Simile.

22 When officialdom demands, Is there a doctor in the stands ?

(a) Why are doctors called from the stands the sponsors?

Answer:- (a) Doctors are called from stands when players get injured.

(b) Pick out the rhyming words in the given lines.

Answer:- (b) The literary device used here is onomatopoeia. It imitates the natural sound of a thing. Here the snapping sound of the knee and the cracking sound of the wrist is explained.

23. He, who does not stoop, is a king we adore.
We bow before competence and merit;
(a) Who is adored as a ‘king’?

Answer:- (a) We adore as a king who does not sacrifice his virtues or dignity for success.

(b) What is the figure of speech used in the first line ?

Answer:- (b) Metaphor

24 “And tell sad stories of the death of kings:”
(a) Pick out the alliterated words.
(b) Who is the speaker ?

25. Cocktail face, with all their conforming smiles
Like a fixed portrait smile..
(a) What do you mean by “Cocktail face” ?

(b) Mention the figure of speech.

Answer:- (b) Metaphor

26.Keeps Death his court, and there the antic sits,

(a) What does the word “antic” mean ?
(b) Identify the figure of speech employed in this line.


Answer any three of the following questions. 3×2=6

27. The old woman said to the boy, “Please help me.”
[Rewrite as a Reported Speech]

28. Raghu tried his best, but he did not succeed.
[Rewrite as a Complex Sentence]

29. Though the battle has been won, the war isn’t over yet. [Rewrite as a Compound Sentence]

30.Rita was late to school. She was punished. [Rewrite using “If” clause]

Explain any two of the following with reference to the context.2×3=6

31. “I have learned to wear many faces
Like dresses……

The poet is sure that the different face that he puts on is not his real face. He also learned to have an artificial smile on all occasions. He learned to say things that he doesn’t really mean because they are the correct things to say in that situation.

For example, He sometimes politely greets a person by saying “Glad to meet you” even though he may not be interested in meeting him or her. He also learned to laugh only with teeth which is expressionless and shake hands without his heart which makes it a routine formality. He feels sad that like other adults in today’s world he has forgotten how to be a natural person.

32.”They do not ever in their dealings Consider one another’s feelings…….

These lines are taken from Poem – “Confessions of a Born Spectator”, Poet – “Ogden Nash”.
Here the poet speaks about the behaviour of the athletes while playing.
The athletes used to play rough games when they play enthusiastically. In this regard, they never care for the feelings of their sporting rivals. The poet regrets this behaviour of the athletes.

33. “How can you say to me, I am a king ?”

Answer any two of the following questions in not more than 30 words.

34. Why did the grandmother accompany the author to school?

Answer:- The grandmother was pious. She accompanied the author to school as it was attached to the temple where she used to sit and read scriptures.

35.What did Mary Kom consider her greatest achievement ? Why ?

Answer:- Mary Kom won a medal in each of the six World Boxing Championships she attended. There were a number of other international level Boxing Championships in Taiwan, Vietnam Denmark, and so on. But it was retaining her world title in 2006 by defeating Steluta Duta of Romania 22-7 at the fourth World Championship in New Delhi that she considered her greatest achievement in life because she was able to win at home.

36.Why are universities necessary for a Society?

Answer:- Universities are necessary because they impart wisdom and service to an individual and equip him for the task of bettering society in all its age.

Answer any three of the following.

37. Write an article on “Road Safety” in about 50 words.

  • Always wear a seatbelt.
  • Avoid distractions.
  • Do not cross the speed limits.
  • Service your car regularly.
  • Follow traffic signals.
  • Maintain lane discipline.
  • Be careful during bad weather.

38. Describe the process of ironing a shirt.

Iron the inside of the cuff than the outside. Then, line up the bottom seam of the sleeve and move the iron from the bottom seam to the top to get a crisp crease in the top of the sleeve. Flip the shirt over and follow the same procedure for the back of the sleeve then repeat with the other sleeve.

39.Write an e-mail to your brother wishing him on his birthday.

40. Write a message to your sister reminding her about the coaching class that evening after school hours.

Answer the following in a paragraph of about 150 words.

41. (a) Why was Mary Kom named the “Queen of Boxing” and “Magnificent Mary” ?

Mary Kom had a good run from 2001 to 2004. She won several golds. Even after her wedding she participated in boxing and won a gold in the Third and Fourth World Women’s Boxing Championships in October 2005 and November 2006. She also won a number of other international level championships in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Denmark. Her greatest achievement was defeating Steluta Duta of Romania at the Fourth World championships in New Delhi.

It was the most memorable moment for her just because she had that victory in her home country. The other Indian boxers also performed exceptionally well. India won four golds, one silver, and three bronzes. To crown it all India won the overall title too. Thus Mary Kom had a hat-trick victory of World championship Naturally the media christened her ‘Queen of Boxing’ and ‘Magnificent Mary’.


(b) How does the speaker highlight the importance of giving back to the society in the lesson “The Convocation Address” ?

The graduates must realize the contribution made by common men towards their higher ed¬ucation. They can aptly repay it only in terms of their service to humanity. It is not an easy task. They have to overcome many hindrances to perform their service successfully. They may have to face the unpleasant sight of practices, tyranny of all sorts which will discourage them.

But they must realize that a continuous stream of men and women endowed with the spirit of service has been carrying on the crusade successfully and have conferred rich benefits on humanity. The Tamilians have been holding this ideal for more than two thousand years as expressed in Purananuru. It celebrates the selfless spirit and courage of people who served society by sharing everything with their fellow men. So as inheritors of that rich legacy the graduates must overcome their hindrances and serve society to the best of their abilities.

You were one of the fresh graduates at the convocation function of the University. You had the rare privilege of listening to the enlightening speech of Dr. Arignar Anna. Write a letter to your friend describing the core ideas of his speech and the impact of the speech on you.

5/20, II street,


I am very delighted to share my experience at the convocation function of my university. I had the great privilege to listen to the speech of Dr. Anna Durai which imparts a great impact on me. I would like to share my experience with you. He started his speech by saying universities which are the repositories of knowledge play a vital role in the life of an individual.

I come to know that universities in olden age train scholars, who in turn render their service only to the royal society and not to the common men. But now the function of university has been enlarged which moulds an individual in all ways and equips him for the task of making democracy fruitful It is the duty of the graduate to repay the society in terms of service in the path of which he has to overcome many obstacles.

We are expected to follow the ideals expressed in Purananuru and serve society to the best of our abilities. His speech was really very impressive and enlightening It kindles the spirit in me to serve society. His enlightened speech indulges an optimistic outlook in my view. I even took an oath of serving this society to my fullest.

Answer the following in a paragraph of about 150 words.

42.(a) Explain the things the poet has learnt when he grew into an adult, in the poem, “Once upon a Time”.

The poet has learned many fake attitudes and behaviour when he grew into an adult. As he has to thrive in society, he is forced to wear a face mask. The poet feels that he behaves differently in different situations. He behaves differently in the office compared to the way he behaves at a party, or on the street. In this context, he feels that he changes his face like that of changing dresses on different occasions. This fact gets conveyed through the lines

I have learned to wear many faces Like dresses

The poet is sure that the different face that he puts on is not his real face. He also learned to have an artificial smile on all occasions. He learned to say things that he doesn’t really mean because they are the correct things to say in that situation.

For example, He sometimes politely greets a person by saying “Glad to meet you” even though he may not be interested in meeting him or her. He also learned to laugh only with teeth which is expressionless and shake hands without his heart which makes it a routine formality. He feels sad that like other adults in today’s world he has forgotten how to be a natural person.

(b) What are the qualities the speaker wishes to nourish and what is his mission in the poem, “Everest is not the only Peak” ?

The speaker wishes to nourish love to mankind. The poet loves to nourish the ones who nourish the world. His mission is to bless and praise the deserving ones.

Answer in a paragraph of about 150 words developing the following hints.

43. (a) The dentist’s clinic many patients wait tensed tooth to be extracted – the arrival of the dentist Joe, the first patient called in the nurse goes – with hammer reaction of patients – loud sound of sawing and screeching other patients fear – go away – Joe comes out – hammer, pliers – to open tool box.


(b) Stephen Leacock – visits a photo studio – for photograph – the photographer – unpleasant comments takes a long time Leacock gets angry -The photographer rude comments on Leacock’s features ill treats Leacock takes photo in animation asks to come on Saturday Leacock goes – disappointed does not resemble him accuses and leaves in tears.

Write a summary (or) make notes of the following passage.

A planet revolves around the Sun along a definite curved path which is called an orbit. It is elliptical. The time taken by a planet to complete one revolution is called its period of revolution.
Besides revolving around the Sun, a planet also rotates on its own axis like a top. The time taken by a planet to complete one rotation is called its period of rotation. The period of rotation of the earth is 23 hours and 56 minutes and so the length of a day on earth is taken as 24 hours.
The planets are spaced unevenly. The first four planets are relatively close together and close to the Sun. They form the inner solar system. Farther from the Sun is the outer solar system, Where the planets are much more spread out. Thus the distance between Saturn and Uranus is much greater than the distance between Earth and Mars.
The four planets grouped together in the inner solar system are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. They are called inner planets. They have a surface of solid rock crust and are called terrestrial or rocky planets. Their insides, surfaces and atmospheres are formed in a similar way and form a similar pattern. Our planet Earth, can be taken as a model of the other three planets.
The four large planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune spread out in the outer solar system and slowly orbit the Sun. They are called outer planets. They are made of hydrogen, helium and other gases in huge amounts and have very dense atmosphere. They are known as gas giants and are also called gaseous planets. The four outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have rings, whereas the four inner planets do not have any rings. The rings are actually tiny pieces of rock covered with ice.

(a) Write a letter to the commissioner of the corporation complaining about the sanitary conditions of the streets in your locality.
(b) Write a letter to your friend informing him/her that you would visit her the following week and celebrate your birthday there..

45. (a) Read the following sentences, spot the error in them and correct them.

(i) I saw many gooses in the park.
(ii) Ramu is one of the tallest boy..
(iii) He is my cousin brother.
(iv) They discussed about the matter.
(v) Either of these are right.


(b) Read the following sentences and classify them according to their fields.
(i) Dr. Rahim is an Orthopaedic surgeon.
(ii) My grandfather owned a fertile land.

(iii) A.R. Rehman is a great Pianist.
(iv) Jegan is into trading.
(v) The hacker had some problem with his mother-board.

Music, Computer, Agriculture, Education, Medicine, Commerce, Nutrition.

47. a) Read the following passage and answer the questions in your own words.

The history of medicinal plants is as old as the history of human beings. Most medicines are obtained either directly or indirectly from plants. All the major systems of medicines such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy are based on drugs obtained from plants and animals. These drugs obtained from medicinal plants are called secondary metabolites. Plants produce primary metabolites for their living e.g. carbohydrates, amino acids, etc., and secondary metabolites for protection, competition and species interaction, (e.g.) alkaloids, terpenoids flavonoids etc. Phytochemistry is the study of Phytochemicals which are chemical substances derived from various parts of the plant. Few plant derived drugs are Tulsi, Nannari, Nilavembu, Pappali etc.
Questions :
(i) Name any two major systems of medicines.
(ii) What are secondary metabolites ?
(iii) Carbohydrates, amino acids etc. are (iv) What is phytochemistry ?
(v) Did you come across the word ‘Nilavembu’ in recent years ? For which disease was it recommended ?

(b) Build a dialogue with a minimum of 5 exchanges between a teacher, and a student who has come late to school.

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