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12th English public exam answerkey 2022-tamilnadu may 2022

Tamilnadu 12th English public exam may 2022 original question papers and answer key available on this Page. The Educational department will not publish the original question papers and answer keys until May 2022 for this academic year, This public exam may 2022 answer keys are prepared by the qualified teachers and shared via and padasalai .co educational websites.

After the corona outbreak, the Tn government officials conducted the +2 Public Exam May 2022 this week. To is the scheduled +2 Public exam May 2022 for English subject, So lots of students are eagerly waiting to verify their answers, to help those students we shared the 12th English public exam may 2022 original question paper and answer key in this page.

Download Tn 12th English Original Question Paper 2022

12th English public exam

Higher secondary English Examinations for Tamilnadu students are scheduled today 09.05.2022, As per the government guidance, the educational department conducting the public exam may 2022 with safety precautions. Today the public exam for English subjects is conducted by the pallikalvithurai. More than four lakhs of students write this examination in their examination centers. 12th English public exam May 2022 answer keys preparation is a challenging task. So we have a good preparation on board, more than 12 teachers online for you to provide the 12th English Public Exam answer key.12th English Public Exam may 2022 answer key are also available in pdf , please share it with your friends


Choose the most appropriate synonyms of the words underlined in the following sentences.

1. We watched for a few moments; then as trade slackened we went over.

(a) reduced
(b) improved
(c) loosened
(d) ended

Answer:-(b) reduced

2. Individual liberty would have become social anarchy.

(a) welfare
(b) anxiety
(c) lawlessness
(d) deprivation

Answer:- (c) lawlessness

3. He was a walking horror, with a disfigured face and long flap of skin hanging from the side of his neck to his body.

(a) majestic
(b) marred
(c) dismantled
(d) diseased

Answer:-(b) marred

Choose the most appropriate antonyms of the underlined words in the following sentences.

4.In those days, they didn’t have sophisticated heart surgery.

(a) artificial

(b) painful
(c) primitive
(d) modern

Answer:-(c) primitive

5.Our father rejected it, saying it wouldn’t be sturdy.

(a) pretty
(b) weak
(c) fashionable
(d) strong

Answer:-(d) strong

6.We have a whole kingdom in which we rule alone, can do what we choose, be wise or conventional or odd.

(a) unconventional
(b) inefficient
(c) insufficient
(d) unbiased

Answer:-(a) unconventional

7.Replace the underlined idiom with its suitable meaning.

The examinations are round the corner.

(a) not to be avoided
(b) not in the near future.
(c) very near
(d) to be postponed

Answer:-(c) hyper active.

8.Replace the underlined word with a polite form of expression. Slow learners are to be taught with more care and attention.

(a) bright
(b) unwilling learners
(c) hyper active.
(d) slow bloomers

Answer:-(d) slow bloomers

9.Choose the word that can be placed before the word “drive” to form a compound word.

(a) pen
(b) roll
(c) rash
(d) dash

Answer:-(a) pen

10.Choose the correct British English equivalent for the American English word “Vacation”.

(a) Weekend
(b) Holiday
(c) Tour
(d) Leave

Answer:- (b) Holiday

11.Fill in the blank with the most suitable prepositional phrase. rain, take an umbrella.

(a) In favour of
(b) In case of
(c) On behalf of
(d) In spite of

Answer:- (b) In case of

12.Choose the appropriate linker and complete the sentence. you book in advance, you cannot witness the show.

(a) Unless
(b) If
(c) Although
(d) Otherwise

Answer:-(b) If

13.Choose the correct word from the options given below and complete the sentence. It was a memorable

(a) accident
(b) incidence
(c) resident
(d) incident.

Answer:-d) incident.

14.Replace the underlined word with a suitable phrasal verb.

The fire was extinguished
(b) put in
(a) put up
(c) put out
(d) put off

Answer:- (c) put out

15.Choose the word with the correct spelling.

(a) dysentery
(b) seperate
(d) foriegn

Answer:- (a) dysentery

16.Identify the correct combination of the word ‘haircut’.

(a) Noun+Adjective
(b) Noun+Verb
(c) Noun+Adverb
(d) Noun+Noun

Answer:- (b) Noun+Verb

17. Form a new word by adding a suitable suffix to the underlined word and completing the sentence.

The soil lost its…………..(Fertile)due to excessive sprinkling of pesticides.

(a) -ity
(b) -ness
(d) -ment

Answer:-(a) -ity

18. Choose the best option that is the expansion of the abbreviation TNPSC.

(a) Tamilnadu Public Service Commission
(b) Tamilnadu National People Service Commission
(c) Tamilnadu Pupil Service Commission
(d) Tamilnadu Public Science Council

Answer:-(a) Tamilnadu Public Service Commission

19.Choose the appropriate question tag and complete the sentence. Don’t commit this mistake again,…?

(a) do you
(b) will you
(c)would you
(d) won’t you

Answer:-(b) will you

20. Which of the following sentences is of the pattern SVOA?

(a) We should encourage sportspersons.
(b) I ate an apple yesterday.
(c) The pot called the kettle black.
(d) Your words make me proud.

Answer:-(b) I ate an apple yesterday.


Read the following sets of poetic lines and answer any four sets.

21.”LIKE a huge Python, winding round and round The rugged trunk, indented deep with scars”.

(a) What is winding round and round ?
(b) Identify the figure of speech in the first line.

22. One equal temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will.
To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.

(a) Who are referred to heroic hearts ?

(b) Pick out the words in alliteration in the above lines.

Strive, seek, heroic, hearts are the words that alliterate.

23. He will be lonely enough
to have time for the work
he knows as his own’..

(a) Who does the word ‘He’ refer to ?
(b) How does loneliness help the person?

24.All the world’s a stage

(a) What is the world compared with ?

The world is compared to a stage.

(b) Identify the figure of speech.

25.O sweet companions, loved with love intense, For your sakes, shall the tree be ever dear.

(a) Why shall the tree remain ever dear ? (b) What are the alliterated words in the first line ?

It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles,
And see the great Achilles, whom we knew’.
(a) Which place would they travel to ? (b) Whom would they meet with, in the course of their voyage ?
Do as directed.
Answer any three questions.

Reena said, “I am learning French”. (Change into Indirect speech.)

My request was acceded to by the authorities. (Change the Voice.)

I met a man at the party. He is the Chairman of a computer firm. (Combine into a single sentence.)

Unless we plant more trees, we cannot save our planet. (Rewrite using ‘If’ without
changing the meaning.)



Explain any two of the following with reference to the context. 2×3=6

31. ‘Without rich wanting nothing arrives’.

Everyone needs money to satisfy his desire and wanted things. His motto must be in the right way. One should earn money honestly. He must be contented with what he had in his life. But the search for money illegally should not be entertained. One should not accumulate money beyond essential needs.

32.This is my son, mine own Telemachus, To whom I leave the sceptre and the isle’

33.Mayst thou be numbered when my days are done With deathless trees like those in Borrowdale’


Answer any two of the following questions in not more than 30 words each. 2×3=6

34. What were the various jobs undertaken by the little boys ?

Answer:- The little boys sold wild berries. They shined shoes. They showed visitors through the town to Juliet’s tomb and other places of interest. They even booked a seat for the narrator in a theatre and got American cigars too.

35.What happened to the visitor when he sat on the stool, at the narrator’s house ?

Answer:- The stool would topple over if one didn’t place one’s weight exactly above the legs. Before the family members tried to caution the sub judge, he sat on it fell down with a thud and rolled over.

36.Define liberty’ as perceived by A.G. Gardiner.


Answer any three of the following. 3×3=9

37.Complete the proverbs.
Choosing the right word from the list : of life.

(a) Variety is the ……….. of life

(i) source (ii) spice (iii) need

(b) Every dog has its ……………

(i) bone (ii) meat (iii) day wait for none.

(c) Time and ….. wait for none

(i) ride (ii) side (iii) tide

38.Rearrange the following jumbled sentences correctly.

(a) delayed/denied/justice/is/justice
(b) spoil/and/rod/spare/the/child/the

(c) time/a/nine/stitch/saves/in

Describe the process of making a glass of lemonade.
[Turn over

  1. The following table contains information on the types of English and Tamil books. borrowed from a lending library. Study the table and answer the questions based on it.
    Types of Books Lent
    Historical Novels
    Social Novels
    (a) (b) How many English books have been lent totally ? Social novels are read the most in English and Tamil. Is this statement
    True’ or ‘False’ ? On the whole, which type of books is read least ? (c)
    PART – IV
    Answer the following.
  2. Answer the following in a paragraph of about 150 words.
    (a) Justify the title of the story Two Gentlemen of Verona’.
    (b) Describe the situation in the narrator’s household before and after the chair was bought.
  3. Answer the following in a paragraph of about 150 words.
    (a) What are the poet’s reminiscences of the casuarina tree ?
    (b) What is the father’s advice to his son when he is on the threshold of manhood?
  4. (a) Answer the following in a paragraph of about 150 words, by developing the
    hints. Ivan Dmitrich Aksionov young merchant sets out to fair against wife’s warning stays in an inn next morning sets off gets arrested – supposed to have killed the merchant is sent to Siberia – spends the time reading and praying gains respect – Makar Semyonich comes there seems to know Aksionov his behaviour makes Aksionov suspect finally learns that Makar had murdered the merchant – Aksionov forgives Makar orders of release arrive Aksionov is dead.
    (b) Children in Venus long for the sun Margot exception seen sun five years ago has come from the Earth other children – seven years ago cannot recall the sun all await excitedly sun is predicted to come out that day – they seize Margot Lock her up in the closet run out enjoy sunshine an hour drops of rain dismayed taken inside starts raining heavily again – remember Margot open the closet let her out.


  1. Make summary of the following passage.
    (a) One of the key factors which sustain the pace of modern life style is Telecommunication. It plays a very vital role in the commercial, industrial and economic activities of mankind and has helped to shrink the world into a global village.
    Exchange of information, data and facts and figures, including live pictures from one part of the world to any other part is now routinely possible. Telegraph was the earliest means of communication between two points separated by distance. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell discovered the telephone which made possible the transmission of human voice over long distances. In both telegraph and telephone, the transmitting and receiving points have to be connected by metal wires through which electrical signals travel in the form of current variations. The discovery of wireless at the turn of the century by Marconi was technology. à revolution in the history of communication
    It is no longer necessary to connect the transmitter and the receiver by wires. Instead electromagnetic waves, the existence of which was predicted by Maxwell in 1873, could be used to carry information and messages from one point to another. The advent of artificial satellites has marked a new age in the history of global communication.
    Write a paragraph on the ‘Value of Time’.
    (a) Write a letter to your friend congratulating him/her on having been selected for the Semi-Finals of a state level hockey tournament.
    (b) Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper about the menace caused by rash driving of bike and car racers in the city.
  2. (a) Read the following sentences, spot the errors and correct them.
    (i) One of my sister is rich.
    (ii) Rahim was senior than Abdul in college. (iii) Speakers after speaker came on the stage.
    (iv) You can also considers paramedical careers.
    (v) She bought an useful gadget.
    (b) Fill in the blanks appropriately..
    (i) They
    more money. (earn/yearn)
    (ii) I like to meet you in person and discuss the matter. (Fill in the blank with a modal verb) (iii) Hurry up! The movie (already begin).
    (Fill in the blank with the right tense form) (iv) The boy got the first prize is my brother. (Use an appropriate relative pronoun)

47.(a) Develop the hints into a story of 150 words.

A traveller reaches an inn the door locked knocks – “Key is Lost”, says the innkeeper the traveller slips a silver coin innkeeper happy – opens the door keeps the coin with him asks the keeper to bring in his luggage locks the door innkeeper shouts the traveller says “I have Lost the Key”- the innkeeper returns the coin – traveller lets him in- ‘tit for tat’.


(b) Read the following passage and answer the questions given below.
The word Photography is derived from two Greek words which together mean ‘to draw by light’. Producing a photograph is simply obtaining the image of an object by the action of light on a prepared sensitive surface. Taking a photograph with a modern camera is a comparatively simple process compared with that which produced some of the early photographs, still to be seen, for instance, in family albums. The early camera was large and cumbersome to handle, and, when assembled in position, had to be carefully focussed on the object – a lengthy operation. Later on, with focussing scales on cameras (and built-in range finders on the more expensive models), the setting occupied only a few seconds. With the early hand operated cameras the exposure was made by removing a lens cover, and counting the length of the exposure in seconds. There was also the tedious task of loading and of preparing a sensitive glass for which the photographer had to carry with him a portable dark room or a large plate changing box. Now the same operation consists simply of breaking the seal on a carton and loading, in daylight, a roll of film, which provides sufficient and light sensitive material for eight to thirty six exposures according to the type of camera used.

(i) Trace the origin and meaning of the word ‘photography.’

(ii) What were the difficulties faced by people operating the camera in early days ?

(iii) How was the exposure made in the early hand-operated cameras ?

(iv) Why did the photographer of earlier days carry a portable dark room with him ?

(v) How is the light sensitive material obtained in modern days ?

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