7th English 2nd Assignment July 2021(With Answers) Unit 2

7th English 2nd Assignment July 2021(With Answers):- Here is the full answer key for the 7th standard English 2nd assignment for July month. Students who study in Tamilnadu school’s seventh class can download these answers and do their assignments on time. Due to corona lots of examinations are postponed and canceled, to determine marks every year new assessment is followed to help school department the tn government decided to collect assignments, so students must submit the assignment on time

7th English 2nd Assignment July 2021(With Answers) Unit 2


Class– VII Subject: ENGLISH

Part – A

I. One Mark Questions

1.Usha went —————

(a) Bazzar

(b) Park

(c) Clinic

Answer:- (a) Bazzar

2.There were……….children stood beside a low stone wall

(a) Two

(b) Five

(c) Three

Answer:- (a) Two

3.Usha met her………. Lakshmi

(a) Aunt

(b) Grandma

(c) Sister

Answer:- (a) Aunt

4. Who said, ‘I am hungry’………


(b Usha

(c) Suresh

Answer:- (c) Suresh

5.Usha lived in a small………

(a) Village

(b) town

(c) city

Answer:- (a) Village

6………. came and knocked the door.

(a) The traveler

(b) stranger

(c) Oldman

Answer:- (a) The traveler

7.The traveler had a ………

(a) cat

(b) dog

(c) horse

Answer:- (c) horse

8.There was a lonely………

(a) wal

(b) tree

(c) house

Answer:- (c) house

9. ………. was the famous detective

(a) Thomas watt

(b) Sherlock holmes

(c) Arnold

Answer:- (b) Sherlock holmes

10.I ……… completed my Hence work just now.

(a) had completed

(b) have completed

(c) were completed

Answer:- (b) have completed

Part – B

II.Very Short Answer.

1.Where did Usha live?

Usha lives in a small village next to the haunted hill Himalayan range.

2.Who were three friends?

Usha, Binya, and Suresh were three friends

3.Where did she go? for what ?

Usha went to the bazaar to do the weekly shopping

4.Did she visit her aunt Lakshmi’s house ?

Yes,Usha visited her aunty Lakshmi’s house

5.Did she see ghost?

Yes, Usha saw to ghostly figures but they were not real ghosts. They are Binya and Suresh

Part – C

III. Short Answer.

1.How was Usha’s experience in the rained house?

  • The black clouds were threatening
  • The ruins were grim and frobdding
  • Something leapt away in the darkness
  • A fait cry was heard
  • The ghosty figures were staring back

2.The Listeners – Create, which kind of mood in you?

The poem creates mystical, lonely, strange feelings Mood is a really cool thing to talk about concerning this particular poem, Mood is different than tone. The tone is the writer’s attitude about something, and mood is the feeling a piece of literature arouses in the reader. Different readers might describe this poem using different words. The poem creates a mystical, lonely, mood strange, and eerie feeling

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