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Holy cross college Admission process started through mcampus-admission online portal , this is the complete guide to create a choice list and get admission in Holy Cross college.

A well-prepared choice list will get your desired college and course because the Holy cross college counseling system provides tentative allotment based on your choice list

Prepare before create Choice List

  • Calculate your CUTOFF marks correctly ( Use TNEA Cutoff Calculator here)
  • List out your desired colleges
  • List out your desired courses
  • Sort the desired colleges by rank and facilities

Example of good and bad choice list

Imagine two students has a cutoff mark of 185 and willing to join ECE Department in government colleges, they create Student A created a good choice list and Student B created a bad choice list. As per the tnea online counseling process definitely student A gets the good college and student B won’t even have the same cutoff and in the same category.

tnea 2020 example choice list
Good Choice ListBad Choice List
Fill the most valuable course and college in the first placeSelect other colleges in the beginning of the list
Consider the cutoff mark tolerancerandom
Do research about college rank and facilityCreate a list based on all colleges are good

Ways to create a good choice list

  • Based on college wise
  • Based on course wise
  • Based on affiliation

Create a choice list based on college

Imagine student AAA want to join Kumaraguru College of Engineering, but he is not much care about the courses, these type of choice list creation is easy

2712Kumaraguru College of Technology (Autonomous)B.E. – Aeronautical Engineering
2712Kumaraguru College of Technology (Autonomous)B.E. – Information Science and Engineering
2712Kumaraguru College of Technology (Autonomous)B.Tech. – BioTechnology
2712Kumaraguru College of Technology (Autonomous)B.E. – Civil Engineering
2712Kumaraguru College of Technology (Autonomous)B.E. – Computer Science and Engineering
TNEA 2020Choice List Example -1

Step-1 : Find out good colleges based on your cutoff marks

Step-2: Sort college names by willingness

Step-3 : First fill the most desired college and courses first

Step-4: Fill all the courses in the most desired college and then same thing with next college

Create a choice list based on Course

Imagine student BBB want to join EEE Course, but he is not much care about the Colleges he need only EEE course,

before you start creating choice list set a tolerance cutoff range, If the student have a 160 cutoff then set cutoff range 150 to 175, select minimum cutoff colleges within this range because if the minimum cutoff is more then 175 is not available for you in the counseling they may fill already before you.

In this method student BBB selected kumaraguru,mepcho and psna for the list and he want to joint EEE course first and ECE course second

2712Kumaraguru College of Technology (Autonomous)B.E. – Electrical & Electronics Engineering
MepcoB.E. – Electrical & Electronics Engineering
PSNAB.E. – Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Kumaraguru College of Technology (Autonomous)B.E. – Electronics and Communication Engg
MepcoB.E. – Electronics and Communication Engg
PSNAB.E. – Electronics and Communication Engg
TNEA 2020Choice List Example -2

Create Choice List based on affiliation

If a student wants to join only government colleges, fill all the government colleges in the first choices and then fill the autonomous and affiliated colleges next.

Example Choice List for TNEA 2020

Choice List TypeCollege is important
Colleges list
Course list

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