Bruce Willis Returns To Die Hard Tower

Bruce Willis visits Fox Plaza to celebrate the 34th anniversary for Die Hard.

The tower in Los Angeles that is known as Nakatomi Plaza.

Bruce Willis will be visiting the iconic tower at Die Hard in commemoration of the film's 34th anniversary.

John McClane, Willis' John, liberates hostages from a terrorist group led by Hans Gruber

This building is the backdrop for many of the action sequences that made Die Hard a huge success and earned it wide recognition as one the greatest action films ever made.

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger turned down John McClane's role before Willis was offered the role.

Emma Heming Willis posted a video on her Instagram account showing her husband standing at the top of Fox Plaza's skyscraper 34 years after Die Hard was released.

Then, a montage with John McClane and Willis follows.

This video is a tribute to Willis' remarkable career, which was prompted by his retirement from aphasia

Rightfully, Willis' announcement was met with a flood of support and love.

It also recognized his many successes over nearly 50 years of working in television and film.

He was best known for his action films, and he has received three Golden Globe nominations and two Emmy nominations.