Chelsea vs Tottenham: Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel clash

Chelsea and Tottenham have one of the biggest rivalries in the Premier League and now even their coaches have entered this fight.

In Matchday 2 of the 2022-23 season, Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte heated things up after their game

The 2022-23 season of the Premier League has just started and the teams are already showing their courage on the pitch.

In Matchday 2, Chelsea and Tottenham faced each other in one of the biggest rivalries in England

After the game, Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte, the teams' managers, clashed and heated things before getting separated by their players.

London is a city that breathes soccer everyday. Both Chelsea and Tottenham share England's capital, so they are not even close of being friends. 

In Matchday 2 of the 2022-23 season, they met in Stamford Bridge in a thrilling game that ended in a draw with a 2-2 final score.

But the result was not the most interesting thing of this game. As it was said before,

their rivalry is one of the biggest in the Premier League and the players knew about this, but also the coaches. 

At the end of the match, Tuchel and Conte had a clash after the Chelsea's coach was unhappy with the behaviour of the Italian manager.

Chelsea and Tottenham gave one of the best games so far in the 2022-23 Premier League season with a 2-2 final draw. 

The Spurs tied the match at the very end, but Thomas Tuchel was not happy about Antonio Conte's reaction.

After the first goal by Tottenham, Conte went to Chelsea's bench to celebrate and had a first clash with Tuchel. 

Then, Chelsea scored at the 77th minute and it was time for the German coach to do the same and run euphorically in front of his rival's bench.

But at the end was the peak of this discussion. Harry Kane scored the equalizer at the last minute and Tuchel was not so happy about it. 

Both managers had an aggresive handshake as Chelsea's coach asked Conte to look him in the eyes.

Both faced each other and had to be separated by their players and staff before things went out of hands.