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10th english public exam answer key 2022

10th Tamil Public Exam Answer Key 2022 is available here.10th Tamil Public Exam Question Paper ready to download via google drive.10Th Tamil Public Exam conducted by the tamilnadu government and pallikalvithurai.We have a set of teachers team to prepare 10Th Tamil Public Exam. The Answer key may 2022 will be available for you in this website. Public exam question paper and answer key are shared via google drive in Pdf format.Any student can download answer key may 2022 pdf easily.public exam answer key may 2022 is prepared by qualified teachers.so there is no need for question paper and answer doubts any more.

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10th Tamil Public exam 2022

The tamilnadu public exam 2022 already started in this month,today is the 10th tamil public exam ,more than 8 lakh students writing the 10th tamil public exam today. we already have a teachers team to provide 10th tamil public exam answer key may 2022 .we just got the 10th tamil public exam original question paper , we already scaned the public exam question paper and forwerded to the teachers team.they already start the answer key may 2022 work.we already set a 10th maths public exam english medium answerkey,10th maths public exam original question paper, 10th maths public exam model question.10th maths public exam answer key,10th maths public exam quids in this website

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No. of Printed Pages: 8 Register Number
Language Part II ENGLISH
Time Allowed: 3.00 Hours ]
[Maximum Marks: 100
(1) Check the question paper for fairness of printing. If there is any lack of
fairness, inform the Hall Supervisor immediately.
(2) Use Blue or Black ink to write and underline.

Note : (i) Answer all the questions. 14×1-14
(ii) Choose the most appropriate answer from the given four alternatives and write the option code and the corresponding answer.

1.Choose the appropriate synonym for the italicised words.
The great expanse of sea stretched down beneath.

(a) inferior
(b) above
(c) below
(d) higher

Answer:-(c) below

2.It is a 55 foot sailing vessel built indigenously in India.

(a) domestically (b) spuriously (c) globally(d) unsafely

Answer:-(a) domestically

3.We had reached a point where the road bifurcated.

(a) ended
(b) divided into two
(c) connected
(d) collapsed

Answer:-b) divided into two

4.Choose the appropriate antonym for the italicised words.

He could not rise, exhausted by the strange exercise.

(a) crippled (b) weakened (c) energetic
(d) surprised

Answer:-(c) energetic

5.But it would have been frustrating and difficult.

(a) annoying (b) pleasing (c) disappointing d) gigantic

Answer:-(b) pleasing

6.I love it when people appreciate the food that I cook.

(a) dispose (b) judge
(c) admire
(d) despise

Answer:-(a) dispose

7.Choose the correct plural form of ‘deer’ from the following:

(a) deers
(b) dears.
(c) deer
(d) deeros

Answer:-(c) deer

8.Form a derivative by adding the right prefix to the word ‘understand.

(a) dis
(b) in
(c) mis
(d) im

Answer:-(c) mis

9.Choose the correct expansion of the abbreviation BPT.

(a) Bachelor of Para Therapy
(b) Bachelor of Past Treatment
(c) Bachelor of Psychological Treatment
(d) Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Answer:-(c) Bachelor of Psychological Treatment

10.Complete the following sentence with the most appropriate phrasal verb given below.
It helps to…………….the calories.

(a)warm up
(c) put on
(d) burn off
(b) stretch out

Answer:-(d) burn off

11.Choose the suitable option to pair it with the word ‘boarding’ to form a compound word.

(a) pass
(b) card
(c) fast
(d) pause

Answer:-(a) pass

12. Fill in the blank with the most appropriate preposition given below.
The fox jumped ……. the well.

(a) on
(b) into
(c) in
(d) to

Answer:-(b) into

13.Complete the following sentence using the most appropriate tense form of the verb given below.
If I were a millionaire, I…………… the needy.

(a) would help
(b) would have helped (d) can help
(c) will help

Answer:-(a) would help

14.Choose the most appropriate linker from the given four alternatives……………… he was honest, he was punished.

(a) While
(b) As
(c) Though
(d) But

Answer:-(c) Though

Answer any three of the following questions in a sentence or two.3×2-6

15.Why did the seagull fail to fly?


The young seagull hesitated and feared to fly. He thought that his wings would not support him. Hence the sea gull failed to fly.

16.What does the term circumnavigation mean ?


I Circumnavigation means to travel all around the world.

17.What did Aditya offer Sanyal ?


Aditya offered Sanyal one hundred and fifty rupees. It was the price of the medal, which Sanyal received in school for recitation.

18.How does David operate computers with the Liberator Communication Device?


David operates computers with the Liberator Communication Device by controlling it with his eye movements. It has a Bluetooth adapter. So it lets him use any PC or Mac by sending commands.

Read the following sets of poetic lines and answer any three of the following. 3×2=6

19.Let me but live my life from year to year,
With forward face and unreluctant soul;

(a) Whom does the word ‘me’ refer to ?
(b) What kind of life does the poet want to lead ?


(a) ‘Me’ refers to the poet, Henry Van Dyke.
(b) The poet wants to lead a life facing every year with courage and willingness to do anything.

20.Strong is she in her faith and beliefs. “Persistence is the key to everything,” says she.

(a) What is she strong about ?

(b) How does she deal with adversities in life ?


a) She is strong about her faith and belief.
(b) She is strong in her faith and belief and is determined while dealing with the adversities in life.

21.Don’t ever try to saw her pride, her self-respect. She knows how to thaw you, saw you so beware!

(a) What do the words thaw’ and ‘saw’ mean here ?.
(b) What is the tone of the author ?


(a) Thaw and saw means that she will reduce you to nothing.
(b) The tone of the poetess is cautious about careful intervention.

22.Some water, coal, and oil is all we ask,And a thousandth of an inch to give us play:
(a) Who does ‘we’ refer to ?
(b) What do they ask for?


(a) We refer to machines

Answer any three of the following.

23. Rewrite the following sentence in other voice.
Rosy will solve the problem.

Answer:- The problem will be solved by Rosy

24. Change into indirect speech. Somu said, “It’s his favourite pet.”


25.Punctuate the following sentence.

O my young gentleman said ariel.


26.Combine the following sentence into a simple sentence.

I saw a tiger. It was wounded.

Answer:- Simple: I saw a wounded tiger.

27.Rearrange the words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences.

(a) loan/apply/you/if/for/you/a/get/will/immediately/it/

If you apply for a loan, you will get it immediately.

(b) himself/preferred/he/mail/by/handling

He preferred handling mail by himself.


28.Answer the following question. 1×2-2

You are near the School. A stranger asks you to direct him to the Government Hospital. Give instructions to help him.

Answer any two of the following in a paragraph. 2×5-10

29.Explain the experience of the young seagull in “His First Flight” written by Liam O’Flaherty.

30.Highlight the factors responsible for the All-Women Indian Navy crew to carry out their expedition.

The support the crew members received was a major factor. When they knew that they were doing well and looked after themselves well, in spite of all apprehensions they were supportive. The crew members’ personal aim and target mattered a lot. Mostly they wanted to make sure that they complete the journey with ultimate honesty without the use of engines.

Then the destination, the journey was important. So their contention was to make sure that they go by the rules of circumnavigation without any means of repulsion and anybody else’s assistance. The L presence of mind and common sense to make decisions and act quickly was an added factor. They had to quickly do an analysis of problem-solving techniques. Ego should never come I amidst them. Teamwork helped them to collaborate and work together. Mutual understanding I was important too.

One would heat the water while the other would heat the gloves or even rested. Overall the confidence you had in each other than the trust and acceptance as every member of the crew to be a family was a must to carry out the expedition.
“It’s about women helping women and women doing things together and supporting each other.”

31.Man does change with time’- What were the various changes that came about in Aditya ?

Twenty-nine years ago, Aditya was the child of a wealthy family. Sanyal and Aditya studied in the same school. Sanyal was always in the first position. Aditya was jealous of Sanyal. One day he took the medal of Sanyal and did not return to him. He told me that he last it.

Visiting Sanyal:
They met Sasanka Sanyal there. Sanyal suddenly stood up and began to recite the poem “Panraksha” by Tagore. The narrator noticed a sudden change in Aditya’s face. Aditya wanted to see his ancestral house. After reaching, he went to the attic and searched for a medal. The narrator was confused. They went to the jeweller to find out the weight. Not knowing the narrator asked Aditya to which he didn’t answer.

They went to Kabiraj’s house where Sanyal stayed. Aditya confessed Sanyal for his act of stealing his medal.Then only the narrator know all answers for the questions in his mind.

32.”Technology is a boon to the disabled”. Justify.

Lesson: Tech Bloomers
Theme: Technology is very important in life
Moral: Necessity is the mother of Invention

We live in a new era of technology. It has an impact on the environment, people, and the whole society. The way we use technology determines the impact on society. Banking, shopping, travelling usage are done by technology. We use technology to live in comfort. Nowadays we use mobile phones, computers, email, and video games. These are useful and make our work quicker and easier.

We can communicate with friends and relatives. We can control our environment. Now technology is a gift to disabled persons. Alisha can’t walk or use a computer. But she uses dragon dictate. This converts her speech to type in PC. David can’t walk and move his hands. He operates his PC by eye movement using LC, ECO2. Technology makes us confident and independent.

Answer any two of the following.2×5=10

33.Describe the journey of life as depicted in the poem by Henry Van Dyke.

Henry Van Dyke, one of the greatest American short story writers and poets, has surpassed the act of writing skillfully. ‘Life’ is no doubt one of his priced literary pieces. This poem is a pinnacle of expressive embarkment on the quest of self-revival from the glum beats of monotony. It has a very deep and farsighted meaning held within it and this is evident from the very beginning of the poem. The poem is the poet’s own reflection on his life and tells his point of view on the more important things in life.

The poet advises readers from his life experiences. We feel that he is now an older man reflecting on his younger days. Through his words, he is explaining to us what he is taking away as most important to live is the best life possible. Life is too short to get caught up in the moment or worry about the past. On the other hand, it suggests that we look forward to what the future holds. We sometimes find ourselves brooding on the bad times and we forget about how much good there is in the future. The poet is making us understand this concept and be more aware of reality.

“Life is short and if we enjoy every moment of every day,
We will be happy no matter what happens or changes our way! ”

34.What qualities have made women powerful ?

The poet Rakhi-Nariani-Shirke was a teacher. The poem is about the wonderful qualities of a woman. It talks about the Multi-faceted nature of women.

Qualities of Women:
Every woman is naturally beautiful. She is the symbol of power and strength. She is always optimistic in everything. She has no fear. She is strong in her faith and belief. She knows to thaw and saw a prankster.

Women’s courage:
She is never a quitter. She is a person of the determination. They are very strong in their faith. They don’t give up their desires. They are very firm in achieving goals. They are very powerful to lead a happy life.

Poet’s request:
The poet asks us to keep the women safe. She tells us that women are the future. So, we must take care, love, and respect them.

The poet Is of the view that the growth depends on the women. They must be treated well. They teach morals to society.

35.Read the following stanza and answer the questions given

We can pull and haul and push and lift and drive,
We can print and plough and weave and heat and light,

We can run and race and swim and fly and dive,

We can see and hear and count and read and write!

(a) Pick out the rhyming words from the given stanza.

(b) Give the rhyme scheme for the given stanza.

(c) Identify the figure of speech employed in the first line of the given stanza.
(d) Pick out the alliterating words in the second line.

(a) drive – dive; light – write;



(d)Personification / Oxymoron

36.Paraphrase the following stanza.

A woman is beauty innate,
A symbol of power and strength.
She puts her life at stake,

She’s real, she’s not fake!

The summer of life she’s ready to see in spring.

Answer any one of the following.

37.Rearrange the following sentences in coherent order.

(i) He ordered Ariel to torment the inmates of the ship.
(ii) Prospero and Miranda came to an island and lived in a cave.
(iii) He raised a violent storm in the sea to wreck the ship of his enemies.
(iv) Using his powers, Prospero released the good spirits from large bodies of trees.
(v) Ariel was instructed to bring Ferdinand, the prince of Naples to his cave.

38.Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

Arvind, finding that Zigzag was sulkily refusing to say a word despite all their efforts at striking a conversation, dashed into the kitchen to return with a plate heaped hurriedly with juicy fruit slices and some nuts. Bored eyes brightened momentarily as Zigzag picked up a walnut But refusing to speak, he dropped one wrinkled eyelid in a solemn wink and flew clumsily to deposit the nut on the enormous chandelier hanging from the ceiling) Bit by bit, and in total silence, all the fruit on the plate was transferred to the chandelier and on to the blades of the ceiling fan. Then perching comfortably on a curtain rod, Zigzag winked and sank his beak into a plump guava

Questions :
(a) Did Zigzag converse with the inmates of the house ?
(b) What made Arvind rush into the kitchen ? What did Arvind bring for the bird ?
(d) Where did Zigzag transfer all the fruits and nuts ? (e) Where did Zigzag perch comfortably ?


Answer any four of the following. 4×5=20

39.Colourful and beautiful toys Eco-friendly non-toxic handy buy one get one – discount 10% – 4, Amman Koil Street, Salem.

Prepare an attractive advertisement using the hints given above.

40.Write a letter to a newspaper highlighting the unhygienic condition of your area.

41. You are Akash/Anita. Head of the Sports Club in your school. Your school is participating in The National Chess Championship next month. Write a notice to the students inviting them to participate.

42.Look at the following picture and express your views on it in a paragraph of five sentences.

43 Make notes or write a summary of the following passage.

A forest is known as an intricate ecosystem that is densely covered with
trees, shrubs, grasses and mosses. The trees and other plants that form a part of the forest create an environment that is healthy for breeding several species. Thus it becomes a habitat for a large variety of wild animals and birds. Different of forests grow in different parts of the world. These are mainly divided into types of three categories – Rain Forests, Coniferous Forests and Deciduous Forests. Forests form an important part of the ecological system mainly because they aid biodiversity.
Unfortunately, forests are being cut at rapid speed to serve various purposes. The increase in the demand of various commodities derived from the trees that grow in different forests and need to accommodate the growing population are the major reasons for deforestation. It is important to realise that forests are essential for the survival of mankind. Forests help in purifying the atmosphere, aid in climate control, act as a natural watershed and source of livelihood for many people. Forests must thus be preserved. Deforestation is a global issue and effective measures must be taken to control this.

44.Identify the errors in the following sentences and rewrite them correctly.
(a) The ship with its crew were drowned. (b) He is angry on me.
(c) Games and sports helps in recreation.
(d) The poet and actor are dead.
(c) I live in United States.

SECTION 5 1×5–5

45. Quote from memory.
Not mourning for the …….………..

……. travels on with cheer.

PART IV 2×8=16

46.Write a paragraph of about 150 words by developing the following hints.

(a) Inhabitants of the island Prospero and Miranda Prospero, magical powers his brother Antonio, king of Naples, his son Ferdinand and Gonzalo – on the ship Prospero raised storm repent for the injustice instructed Ariel to bring Ferdinand Miranda had more concern Prospero set severe task he forgave all restored dukedom.


(b) Dr. Ashok entrusts his pet bird Dr. Krishnan children excited of his entry it can speak 21 languages – Zigzag sleeps endlessly with heavy snore no peace at home Mrs. Krishnan- not happy shouts and asks for solutions Dr. Krishnan writes to Ashok finding solution no reply – Dr. Krishnan takes Zigzag to clinic turn of event – Zigzag- takes care of – the orderliness clinic very quiet all suprised Zigzag commands – Dr. Krishnan happy finds secret Zigzag must be engaged if not he sleeps family is happy with his presence.

47. Read the following paragraph and answer the questions given below.

The National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) commenced work on establishing a 2,000 MW thermal power plant at Cheyyur in Kancheepuram district in April 2007. Top level officials of NTPC held talks regarding the project with the TNEB on November, 30. Work on the project was completed in three years. The project cost was estimated at Rs 8,000 crore and the entire investment was made by the NTPC. The Tamil Nadu Government was only providing land and a No Objection Certificate from the Environment Department.

Questions :
(a) What did NTPC plan to establish ?

(b) When did the meeting take place between the managers of TNEB and

(c) How long did it take to complete the project ? (d) What was the role of the Government of Tamil Nadu in this project?


Read the following poem and answer the questions given below.

As we rush, as we rush in the train,

The trees and the houses go wheeling back, But the starry heavens above the plain
Come flying on our track.

All the beautiful stars of the sky, The silver doves of the forest of Night, Over the dull earth swarm and fly, Companions of our flight.
We will rush ever on without fear; Let the goal be far, the flight be fleet! For we carry the Heavens with us, dear, While the earth slips from our feet!.

Questions :
(a) What happens to the trees and houses when the train speeds ?
(b) How do the sky and star move then ?
(c) How are the stars and night described?
(d) How does the poet deal with the Heavens and earth, during the journey?


  1. The answer for 6th question is wrong because dispose is to throw off something. The correct answer should be despise because it is opposite of appreciate

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