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consumer protection forms tnpsc MCQs

consumer protection forms tnpsc important questions are given in this page, Candidates who want to participate in tnpsc exams this Quiz is helpful to get high marks. consumer protection complaint form takes place in all the examinations conducted by the TNPSC authorities.

The CFPB Full form is the repeated question asked in all the competitive examinations in India.

This is a multichoice question quiz. candidates can take this quiz as a mock test and get your results instantly.


Constumer Protection Forms MCQS

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Appeal againsed the national forum can be done in____

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total number of rights riven to consumers as per consumer protection act is

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in case of goods for which the testing is available the fourm must decide the case within_____months

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The world consumer Right Day is celeberated on

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National consumer Day is celebrated on

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The Consumer’s Protection Act was passed in the Year_____

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Appeal againsed the national forum can be done in____

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Consumer protection Act is applicable to

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the maximum age limit of a person who can be a member in state commission is

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jurisdiction of a state comission is

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The minimum age limit for being a member of district forum as per consumer protection act is

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consumer protection forms Important Questions

  • Consumer Protection Act was passed in ___________
  • Which is the world consumer Rights Day
  • What is WCRD
  • Indian Nation Consumer Day is
  • Consumer Protection Act formed by
  • International Organization for Standardization located in which country
  • ISO established in
  • Who ai the father of consumer movement
  • Who is a consumer
  • What are the rights of a consumers