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12TH ENGLISH MODEL PAPER (new syllabus based) 1


Time Allowed : 2.30 Hours Maximum Marks : 90
Instructions :
(1)Check the question paper for fairness of printing. If there is any lack of fairness,
inform the Hall Supervisor immediately.
(2)Use Blue or Black ink to write and underline and pencil to draw diagrams.
Choose the correct answer for each of the following from the options given :
1.Choose the synonym of the underlined word in the following sentence.
Before the advent of Gandhi on the scene, the attitude to women was patronising.
(a)approval (b) acceptance (c) adventure (d) arrival
2.Choose the correct expansion of the abbreviation GST.
(a)Goods and Service Tax (b) Goods and Sales Tax
(c)General Service Tax (d) General Sales Tariff
3.Complete the sentence choosing the correct article.
Sheela can play _ Guitar well.
(a)the (b) none (c) a (d) an
4.Choose the correct plural form of ‘Son-in-law’.
(a)Sons-in-law (b) Son-in-law
(c)Sons-in-laws (d) Son-in-laws
5.Choose the appropriate synonym of the underlined word.
The third figure was an enigma .
(a)sadist (b) pride (c) mystery (d) rebel
6.Choose the suitable meaning for the idiom found in the following sentence :
Sunitha is always at logger heads with her sister.
(a)in good relationship (b) very supportive
(c)equal in everything (d) disagree strongly
7.Form a new word by adding a suitable prefix to the root word “legitimate”.
(a)pre- (b) inter- (c) un- (d) il-
8.Choose the mono-syllabic word.
(a)enact (b) agree (c) strength (d) listen
9.Choose the antonym of the underlined word in the following sentence :
Censure me in your wisdom.
(a)praise (b) analyse (c) nurture (d) judge
10.Identify the sentence pattern of the following :
I fell ill yesterday. My father suddenly fell ill last night.
12TH ENGLISH MODEL PAPER (new syllabus based)
11.Choose the clipped form of the word ‘demarcate’.
(a)market (b) demat (c) demark (d) mark
12.Choose the meaning of the foreign word in the following sentence.
People want to maintain the ‘ status quo ’.
(a)law and order (b) a complete change
(c)introduce new rules (d) retain the existing condition
13.Choose the correct combination for the compound word“On-duty”.
(a)preposition+noun (b) adjective+noun
(c)adverb+verb (d) verb+verb
14.Choose the antonym of the underlined word in the following sentence.
The teacher pretended to be indifferent and set us some problems to work on.
(a)similar (b) interested (c) disinterested (d) different
15.Choose the right combination for the blended word “infomercial”.
(a)informatory+commercial (b) informer+commercial
(c)information+commercial (d) inform+commercial
16.Form a new word by adding a suitable suffix to the root word ‘public’.
(a)let (b) tion (c) ling (d) ise
17.That is the hospital _
I was born.
(a)where (b) why (c) which (d) when
18.Choose the correct American English word for “cot”.
(a)crib (b) bed (c) couch (d) berth
19.If I had four hands, I _ (finish) the work in no time.
(a)would have finished (b) will be finishing
(c)will finish (d) would finish
20.My grandparents have been living here _
(a)till (b) after (c) since (d) from
Answer any seven of the following : 7×2=14
(i)Read the following sets of poetic lines and answer any four of the following : 4×2=8
21.our gates were strong
a)what gates is talked hereb)explain the line
24.like a huge PYTHON
a)what looks like apython?B)poetic device
25.they have exits and entrances
a)what is poetic deviceb)exist and entrance refer to
26.unwilling school going student
a)which stage refered tob)write poem name and poet name
12TH ENGLISH MODEL PAPER (new syllabus based)
(ii)Do as directed (Any three). 3×2=6
27.Change the direct speech into Reported form.
Geetha said to Vimal, “How did you manage to locate my house ?”
28.If I had completed my homework, I wouldn’t have got the punishment.
(Begin with ‘Had’)
29.Change into other voice form.
Sooraj won the first prize. His teacher congratulated him.
30.Follow the traffic rules, otherwise you will be booked by the traffic police.
(Use ‘unless’)
Answer any seven of the following : 7×3=21
(i)Explain any two of the following with reference to the context. 2×3=6
31.I saw thee, in my loved native climate
32.They have entrance and exists
33.“No one can enter into castle without bird”
(ii)Answer any two of the following briefly. 2×3=6
34.What is the second rule for making tea?
35.Why did not interfere the author into the room ?
36.what was the trolly driver sufferedfrom ?
(iii)Answer any three of the following : 3×3=9
37.Study the following table, which gives information about the development of
Tourism in Kashmir. Write three sentences on your inference about the data.
S.No. Details 1974 2014
1.No. of Tourist spots 5 15
2.No. of Entertainment spots 1 4
3.Hotel Accommodation 12 45
4.Tourist Agencies 5 25
5.Growth in the rate of tourism 2% 200%
38.Describe the process of covering a book with brown sheet.
39.Write a dialogue between a regular late comer and the P.E.T. Master.
40.Choose the correct option and complete the proverb.
(a)Don’t bite the hand that _ you.
(i)helps (ii) feeds (iii) holds (iv) protects
(b)All roads lead to _
(i)Egypt (ii) Turkey (iii) Greece (iv) Rome
(c)An idle mind is the _ workshop.
(i)fool’s (ii) angel’s (iii) devil’s (iv) leader’s
(d)Ignorance is _
(i)bliss (ii) cure (iii) gift (iv) evil
(e)A fool and his _ are soon parted.
12TH ENGLISH MODEL PAPER (new syllabus based)
(i)friends (ii) money (iii) knowledge (iv) family
Answer the following : 7×5=35
41.Answer any one of the following in a paragraph of about 150 words.
(a)How did Nicola and Jacopo work hard and describe them.
(b)write rules for making tea
42.Answer any one of the following in a paragraph of about 150 words.
(a)Bring out the message of the poem “a military is strong even a men bribed ”.
(b)How does Torru dutt n substantiate the statement “casurina tree” ?
43.Write a paragraph of about 150 words
(a)Good sees the truth but waits
(b)Life of pi
44.Write a summary or make notes of the following passage :
One of the most widely spread of bad habits is the use of tobacco. Tobacco is now
used in every part of the world by millions of people. Tobacco is now smoked or
chewed by men and large of women also, and sometimes even by children, in all parts
of the world. It was brought into Europe by Sir Walter Raleigh from America in the
16th century. When he went to America, he named the area which he claimed for
Queen Elizabeth as Virginia. Even today the best tobacco is called Virginia tobacco.
But the use of even the best tobacco is considered to be one of the worst habits. It does
not seem to be anything good about the use of tobacco even in small quantities. When
it is used in excess, it is most harmful to the human system. Smoking tobacco has
produced cancer of the lungs and chewing of tobacco has resulted in cancer of mouth
and throat. This is the definite opinion of doctors who have examined thousands of
such cases of cancer. However much the warning is given that smoking is dangerous
to health, people seem to continue to smoke. Actually more and more people are using
tobacco either in the form of cigars, cigarettes or beedies or as pipe tobacco or even
chewing tobacco. This is a very bad habit and it is extremely difficult, if not impossible,
to get rid of this habit once it is formed.
45.Read the following advertisement and prepare a Resume/Bio-data/CV fulfilling the
conditions specified.
(Write XXX for your name and yyy for your address)
Clerk – graduate with computer knowledge, fluency in English with
excellent communication skills. Minimum 2 years of experience.
Apply to : Post Box No. 2736
C/o The Hindu
Chennai – 02
Write a paragraph on “Say ‘No’ to Plastics” or ‘My Dream House’.
46.Read the following sentences, spot the error and correct them.
(a)Kailash told Nithish that he can drive a car.
(b)The Flights often are late.
(c)No sooner did the doctor give me an injection, when I became alright.
12TH ENGLISH MODEL PAPER (new syllabus based)
(d)I and Sheela attended the seminar last week.
(e)We are having a son, who is now studying abroad.
Fill in the blanks appropriately :
(a)The book which has been _
for CBSE class 6 has been _ for
containing some remarks against a particular religion. (proscribed/prescribed)
her illness, she attended her dance class. (linker/phrase)
(c)My mother _ take long walks during her school days.
(use a semi-modal)
(d)If they had tried hard, they _
(win) the trophy.
(use the verb in the correct form)
47.Identify each of the following sentences with the field in the list given below, by
understanding the word or words serving as the clue.
(a)The Ozone layer protects us from UV rays.
(b)FORTRAN language is commonly used in multi-national companies.
(c)Add coriander leaves for flavour in the end.
(d)We came to know of Mr. Peter’s demise from the obituary columns.
(e)Take these pills regularly before having breakfast.
(Media, Education, Computer, Medicine, Environment, Cooking, Agriculture)
Read the following passage and answer in your own words.
The term weathering refers to all the ways in which rocks can be broken down.
It takes place because minerals formed in a particular way (say at high temperature, in
case of igneous rocks) are often unstable when exposed to various conditions.
Weathering involves the interaction of lithosphere (the Earth’s crust) with the atmosphere
and hydrosphere (air and water), depending on the climatic and environmental
conditions. But all kinds of weathering ultimately produce broken minerals and rock
fragments and other products of the decomposition of stones. Soil is the most obvious,
and from the human point of view, the most important result of the weathering process.
Soil is the weathered part of the Earth’s crust that is capable of sustaining plant life.
The character of soil depends on the nature of rock from which it is formed. It also
depends on the climate and on the relative age of the soil. Immature soil is finer than
broken rock fragments. Over time, immature soil develops into mature soil, which
contains humus, formed from decayed plant matter. Mature soil is darker, richer in
microscopic life and more conducive to plant growth.
Questions :
(a)Explain ‘weathering’ in a sentence.
(b)What is the obvious and important result of the weathering process ?
(c)The character of soil depends on _ and _.
(d)Name the items that influence the interaction during weathering.
(e)Write any two qualities of mature soil.
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